In 18th of May, 2013 our project participated in the wonderful event that has international scales – Restaurant Day.
Gist of the event: on one day each can become restaurant-keeper, locate at any available place in the city and treat guests with culinary frills for free.

This event was arranged in Moscow for the first time and we, of course, could not miss it.
Our distribution hub was Petrovsky Boulevard. Our topic was named as “Viands of world nations”.
There were South Asian, European and Slavic dishes in our menu, main dishes as well as desserts. Our brand-name drink “GAYANAT” was very popular that hot day and, of course, its recipe till now is guarded under seven locks.
It is almost impossible to describe our impressions – everything went in a such heartful and cheerful way. In spite of discovered suspiciousness of Moscow residents in relation to such events (how is that possible to give healthy and delicious food for free!), almost nothing was remained out of great number of prepared food. Such events must be arranged more frequently! More delicious food and no one should go away hungry!

more photos on FB: https://www.facebook.com/gayanat