Today one our friend told us about his impressions from recent travel to Japan, especially from nature of Japanese people. Perhaps, these impressions are worth sharing.

Japanese are quite introverted people. They are reasonable and concentrate well on details, be it in work or in family life.

Normally service system at café/restaurants and shops comes down to minimization of verbal communication. For example, almost all cafes have special devices where there are images of all dishes; and you just should choose the dish you want, to come up with the bill to the worker that gives you your dish and you just get back to your table, without any talks. This minimal communication can be traced in many other areas: this is a real paradise for those who have got fed up with polite shop consultants in European countries.

Japanese have strict hierarchy, especially in terms of gender relationships. A man is in priority, a woman has lower status. It seems that most marriages are created by profit, not by emotional bond. Family and marriage institute is put in the middle distance.

The matter of hierarchy is also spread in Japanese companies. Men have much higher salary than women. Perhaps, all these factors are the reasons why women prefer job instead of family. It
gives her more independence in life.

Japanese are workaholics. They always work, almost without holidays. Even old people that, how it might seem, live in wellbeing, prefer to continue working (for instance, tram drivers). However, some people travel.

Japanese are melancholic. There are even some groups that consciously cut all social connections and start leading solitary lifestyle. 

This above mentioned quality – external calmness – doesn’t mean that there are no many emotions inside the person. As a rule, Japanese ease their emotions by sake (they do not bear alcohol, that is why a couple of glasses is enough for them to “switch off”), by services of geishas and sex-toys. The culture of geishas is completely separate topic, absolutely organically existing in modern Japanese reality without any taboos at a legislative level.

Probably, Japanese do not accept themselves as they are. It can be observed through their art where they compensate all they lack, but want to have: we all remember Japanese cartoons where heroes have European look with big eyes and harsh emotions. Apart from that, special laps on eyes that imitate superior eyelid (that they don’t have) are very popular among Japanese.

Japanese value high-quality and fresh food. Sushi are very popular there (like in Russia), but, nevertheless they like more rice, for example, with meat and other stuffs, also soups (for example, udon or ramen).

, of course, Japanese landscapes should be visited. For example, Miyajima (Itsukushima) – the wonder that is worth leaving all affairs and to go to blessed nature and silence.

All these above mentioned is only a drop in the ocean of the details which Japanese consists of. Maybe, you have already decided to buy a ticket to Tokyo and share with us your impressions? 

We are looking forward to your stories about interesting countries:)