In 1917 in New York Megerian family found the company «Megerian Rugs». Originally they used to do purchasing, selling and restoration of carpets. But then their delicate taste and increasing demand made them to create their own carpets. Almost 100 years just mention of the name of this company among luxury and antiques devotees inspires profound respect and interest.

Authenticity of «Megerian Rugs» can be noticed via key moments. Firstly, all carpets are weaved only by diligent human hands. Secondly, while creating process only natural materials and dyes (according to a recipes of masters of the Old World) are used. Thirdly, elegant ornaments, by which we can easily recognize «Megerian Rugs», carry deep old traditions of Armenian rug weaving that was famous in Medieval century.  And, finally, it is difficult to find such a company where we can see air of democracy, carefulness and comfort inside the company (team).
Exclusive carpets of «Megerian Rugs» can be met in all continents: in Europe, in Asia, Northern and South America, African countries and Oceania. These carpets are specially ordered by embassies, President apartments, big corporations, international organizations, elite clients that are demanding towards quality.
Now branch offices are spread all over the world and we decided to visit one of them located in Armenia, in the cradle of this «Megerian» carpet authenticity.
Our interlocutor is a production director of Yerevan company «Megerian Carpet» Leonid Anreasyan – showed us factory halls and told about carpet space features.

- Leonid, how did you come into the carpet world?
- I graduated Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, mechanics faculty. During 8 years I worked within my specialty: in a car service, on aggregate plant. After USSR fall, in 90-es I set up own business in Moscow where I lived during 6 years. In 1997 I returned to Armenia and went work to the factory. I am still working here.
Carpet market is very sophisticated: huge experience is required here, taste, great knowledge and fantastic hard work. «Megerian Rugs» has lived through long term hard work in these competition conditions.  Now we see how successful are the factories, but this all was achieved by enormous patience.  

- What is the secret of uniqueness of «Megerian Rugs» carpets and, especially, “zest” of your Yerevan branch office?
- Originally, we had a principle that if “the director” is absent, then “the employee” is also absent – all are equal, all should do any work. We do everything by ourselves, with our hands. So called “zest” – is, perhaps, “soul” of our carpets. Each carpet has energy of the person that weaved it. Those, who work here, do it because they love their work (not because of money). Most of them can’t just live without carpet work: there were cases when those, who used to move to high paid jobs to other places, later on returned. This is art, not just a work in its classical sense. When you step the carpet, you feel its warmth, energy – often it calms you down.

- Do you produce only handmade carpets?
- Yes, always. And they all of the best quality – that is why they enjoy success.

- How relationship with your suppliers and clients are arranged?
- We work directly with dealers (without agents). Most of the carpets are sold via USA (head office of «Megerian Rugs» is located in New York). We have factories all over the world: in India, in Pakistan, Egypt and other countries, - all this production is exported in USA, from where it is sold to other places. But in some places carpets are sold on local factories (especially if there is exhibition space).

- Who are your clients? From what countries they are?
- There are a lot of clients of high social positions (in most of the cases). For instance, Vatican cardinals, with whom we work directly. Many halls of President palace, Government, National Board, representative offices of Europarlament, almost whole Armenia – have our carpets. Many USA embassies are also served by «Megerian Carpet». In fact, it is difficult to name all clients (too many). 

- How does the modern carpet business situation look like? And what the nearest future plans of «Megerian Carpet» regarding branching?
- Because of crisis carpet market has suffered big sales slowdown. But now everything is getting back to normal, there is a good growth trend. New factories´ opening is around the corner. We have a lot of plans.


For many years «Megerian Rugs» has been the symbol of high quality and good taste. Subtly satisfying needs of devotees of ancient and modern ornaments, “Megerian” carpets bring, apart from Armenian identity, desire of fresh experiments. It is said correctly that history is done by people. And let this carpet history to have more fascinating continuation.


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