In 21st of March we fulfilled our old dream: arranging events devoted to different world countries. What really inspire us are world nations, these bright palettes of different natures and traditions. And now we have finally made the plunge and things are up and running. To make a 1st throw into captivating people we chose Jamaica – warm, bright and cheerful country. Creating new ethnic air within the bounds of strict and multifaced Moscow has its charm. Our goal was (apart from introduction our guests with Jamaicans) to bring Jamaican notes into the space so that our guests could feel and hear these notes and afterwards never confuse them with any other notes. 

“I want café” opened its doors for our Jamaican day. Its interior suited us to create the air of the green island. We are used to the fact that many interesting, kind and open-minded people visit our events. But this time we managed to do something more important – we combined in one space great contrasts of natures from different backgrounds, business areas – these people became united in their desire to know more about exotic culture.

The entertainment and informative program consisted of some main parts: cuisine master class of Jamaican dish, folk and modern dances workshop, special Jamaican menu, broadcasting of videos about travels to Jamaica, also performance of our special guests – African rappers (in French). At the end of the evening all boundaries between people were blended to such esteem that all multinational representatives from Russia, Jamaica, Africa and India were chatting with each other. And this great process was added by ethno joint dances. It is said correctly that culture and art join people! 

We would like to emphasize those participants that created the mood of Jamaican holiday and gifted fantastic memories to our guests:

1.      Jodi-Ann (Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica), student of medical faculty in RUDN. From the beginning of the event she adopted a role of the Jamaican culture representative and our guests asked her tricky questions about traditions, mind, lifestyle and culture of her people. Jodi quite often emphasized that Jamaicans are happy and hardworking people and their free soul and need for independence is traced not only in the life approach but also in a big amount of national holidays related to this point (Emancipation day, Independence Day and etc.). Also Jodi was guiding the cuisine master class. In the course of that process our guests were interacting with Jodi and cooking together very popular Jamaican dish – carrot cake, which afterwards they all were tasting at the big joint table. She managed with this guiding role and she also inspired the guests with bright lights of Jamaican mood.

2.      O´juan Powell (Kingston, Jamaica) – dj, student of the chemical faculty in RUDN. Thanks to his music selection, our guests got introduced with wide choice of modern Jamaican music. Moreover, he is very positive and sociable, he was actively interacting with our guests. He even made useful professional contacts with people.

3.      Loony Warrenk and Stephen-Kaleb Lobe, our guests from Africa that were performing with French rap, almost acapella. Despite the absence of loud music support, these guys managed to turn this situation into plus: they amazed with their professionalism and great interaction with each other. Most of the guests later on noted that this performance was the most special and memorable because of genuine and special performance of this music genre.

4. Tanya-Gaye Wheatle (Clarendon Parish, Jamaica) – president of Jamaica Students Association of RUDN, student of medical faculty. Tanya was the person that inspired us to arrange Jamaican event. We were consulting exactly with her in terms of preparation stage: regarding traditional dishes, space interior, also in terms of communication with other Jamaican participants. Tanya has become that bridge that united Russia and Jamaica. She also assisted to make the evening conclusion very bright via participation in energetic Jamaican dances.

Also we thank other Jamaican guests: Anna-Kaye Petersgill, Michelle-Ann McCatty, Stacy-Ann Golding, and those that (for different reasons) could not come

Well, there are many other plans and ideas for next ethno-events. Right now we share with you opinions of our guests about joyful and colorful Jamaican Day:

«Normally on such social events I instinctively chose “odd corners” where I can observe everyone, not separately someone. By the way, screens were also placed conveniently so that it was easy to watch the media-presentation about Jamaican customs from any angle. But it was not really possible to follow the video as the main  program was very varied. Story about Jamaican culture told Jodi really interested me; I enjoyed the chance to listen to English speech with pleasant Jamaican pronunciation. And
 ... Touching... Thank 'em all for sharing their culture with us!!! :)
During cuisine master class I kind of supported via passing napkin for knife drying. There were many girls willing to participate. I just concentrated on some interesting parts of the cooking process:))
Dances (in terms of participation) are not for me: my energy is kind of in “other register”… But I perfectly “revived” from the show. It was fantastic! :) Adjustment of the song "Don't Worry, be happy" created air of unity of all people in the restaurant:))
And, of course, rap really touched me. It was somewhere on the same wavelength with me, although normally I am quite critical towards rap as a genre – I try not “to abuse” or at least “to mix”; but this performance was great; it was great as a kind of the final chord when you can relax, recast and enjoy recitative waves, “backing tracks” and specific rhythm that was arising in a unique dialog...
That was 11 PM, but the evening was continuing, although I had to leave: for me Saturday is not weekend... I will keep in mind fresh pictures of this evening. It is useful to switch sometimes on the wave of "Happy, hardworking and polite" [© Jodi] Jamaicans, where all are Friends... I was feeling that energy and I have lots of impressions... Entrance notice “YOU CAN LOOSE YOUR HEAD!” was warning... That was true! But here is nothing to regret about;) Thanks everybody, who participated in organization!».
(Sergey P.)

«It was VERY cool)
It was nice to get into this atmosphere, to try to dance their dances and to get to know that normally Jamaican guys don’t dance at discos, they stand and evaluate dancing girls)).
It’s cool to chat in English with Jamaicans, plus language practice and in general this is interesting process) This mutual search of common ground...There is something very human in it)).
I was amazed by two Africans with French rap%) Considering the fact that it was not possible to arrange all necessary devices and they were performing under mobile phone music – so, it was quite low – it revealed rap for me in a new perspective. Rap without show off and tough bassos – only with soul, on life emotions of the performers, their interaction with each other... It is wonderful!
I tasted Jamaican cake and noted that its taste could be described as.. Sunny %).
I made contact with Jamaican dj in terms of “trying to play together"). I don’t know what it might result in, but the idea seems to be really interesting).
Thanks, great event that will stick in memory for many years).
(Timur M.)