When you get into “Houses of Iran and Irak” located on the World Street in Etnomir (cultural and educational center), you stop to trust your eyes. Instead of anticipated oriental symbols (like carved tables, some nice details and some other typical things), you are met by the pottery kingdom. Loads of clay pots and wooden shelves, walls shaped like ancient stones of Oriental countries and a lot of light flowing through windows – all these enriches the whole room with rare charm.

Few people were sitting upon potter’s wheels and creating their works. When they saw us, they stopped their work, smiled and welcomed us. Tengiz and Ivan, who are working in ETNOMIR for more than 1 year, shared with us their stories about getting involved into pottery and also they showed around their space.

We were told that there are several directions of that working space: for inner needs of the center, sale of ready products, and, thirdly, master-class format, when guests can sit upon the potter’s wheel and create their own works.

Apart from Iranian and Iraki ceramics, here are also Turkish, Slavic and other types of works. So, guests can choose anything, according to their tastes.
Term of creating one work depends on its complexity. Normally general pot can be ready within 1 hour, but then it needs time for drying, taking away needless pieces of clay, then baking and covering of extra safety coatings.

Ivan showed us brief master class in creating a vase, he also told that pottery helps to develop meditativeness and calmness. Let’s face it, that just observation of the process is also inspiring! This pottery kingdom has its own laws: of beauty, kindness, calmness and refined perception of life. If you want to check it, you should spend 1 or 2 days of your life and visit this marvelous place that will not leave you cold.