The Gathering restaurant is located in Beirut (Lebanon) and  consists of 3 separate 300-year-old buildings. They were almost destroyed during the war, but the owner of the company has renovated it and transformed into the restaurant. This restaurant is 4 years old but the whole company (Found’d group) exists 30 years.

Lebanese, Lebanese from abroad, immigrants, tourists - these are the guests of this place. Manager says that there are many factors that affect customers. And one of the most important factor is politics. If there were no war in Syria, perhaps there would be more Arabic and European tourists. But closed borders limit this.

Here, in The Gathering the cuisine is international and it is the most popular.
Prices are medium, quite democratic.

The aura here impresses much more. In fact, Beirut is a forest of concrete building with lack of greens. But The Gathering  is green oasis with rich flora. This place is hidden and you can't find it until you go into the depth of the streets.

We recommend you visiting this place, touching the old aura and resting from everyday fuss.