Château Ksara.

There is some evidence that Lebanon (Phoenicia) is considered to be the native land of wine.
Phoenician wine was one of the most desired good among Greek, Egyptian and Roman nobles.
In 1857 monks from Society of Jesus (by that time they were settled in mountain regions of the country) founded first Lebanese winemaking house "Ksara" (Château Ksara) — by name of old settlement that gave shelter to Christians running from persecutions. In local idiom"Ksara" means "fortified palace". Much water has flowed under the bridges since then, but "Ksara" still remains the largest winemaking company of the country. It produces about 40% of all wines in the country.

Overall length of its wine cellars with thousands of bottles and woods is 3 kilometers. You can easily get lost here. All the year round the temperature here is +12-13 °C.

Château Kefraya.

Kefraya is the second winery (after Ksara). It was founded in 1978 by Bustros family. Red wines have become "signature dishes" of the company. They are famous for delicate bouqet and health giving powers. They are supplied to the best restaurants in Lebanon and to 35 coutries. 70% of produced wine is red wine, 30% is white, rose, sweet wines and arak (Lebanese and Arabic alcohol). Red wine is produced of 5 grape varieties.
The winery has won prices at international competitions in Europe, USA and Asia. Michael Busto, the president of Château Kefraya, has enriched traditions of his winery by contributing traditions from France (traditions of producing Cabernet Sauvignon wines, Syrah and Grenache).

By the way, there is a restaurant at the winery, where you can order elegant dinner with wine degustation. Also tourist can have access to the sections of wine production. 

Bread of the Lebanese-Israeli border.

Considering tense political situation, almost nobody goes to the border of Israel. But
we were there. We saw how people bake bread right near by refugees' camp and military post.  And those were ordinary workdays of ordinary people.
Noting extra - just kind hands and delicious bread.