Armenia reveals its character to the full extent in small towns and through ordinary and very hearty people living there. For example, in Dilijan, wonderful town located among majestic mountains and forests on the bank of the Aghstev river, we happened to meet a person that left mark in our memory for a long time.

His name is Ashot and he is a real tale-teller. You think tale-tellers do not exist anymore? No, they do and they live among forests, they do magic things and they lead calm, peaceful life and do not boast of their progress at all.

Ashot is famous all over the world for making souvenirs, amulets and works of art of pine tree roots. He does not give any interviews, does not make anything to order and, in general, leads reclusive lifestyle. Nevertheless, his garden with wooden things is open for all wishing people so that they could receive the portion of positive energy that is put into every work.

By a miracle our traveler Sevak managed to endear Ashot and we got to know a bit about his life. He was born in Dilijan, graduated chemical school and last 12 years he devoted his life to wood mastery. Ashot does not make any preliminary drafts. According to Ashot, as the image arises, he starts to realize it, just by intuition.
Also he told us about energy a lot. He said that only the one, who achieved certain spiritual level and is not anxious about commercial benefits, can create such wood things.
Many restaurant owners tried to cooperate with him, but in vain; a lot of people tried to become his apprentices, but Ashot was inexorable in his convictions. This is the way how he creates in his calm garden wooden “ears” that fulfill wishes, or twisted arches that help single people to meet their live partners. And he is pleased with world beauty that welcomes us by different things, people and delicate magic energies.